Book chapter by Xinqi He on native-speakerism and racism

Xinqi He’s book chapter “The Intertwining of Native-Speakerism and Racism in the Construction of Linguistic Identity” has been published in Discourses of Identity: Language Learning, Teaching, and Reclamation Perspectives in Japan (eds. Martin Mielick, Ryuko Kubota, Luke Lawrence) from…

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Appearance on NHK Sunday Debate (日曜討論)

Yuko Itatsu will be a panelist on NHK’s Sunday Debate (“Nichiyo Touron”) and participate in a discussion about AI on April 16, 2023, from 9-10am. You can find more details here. 板津木綿子が4月16日のNHK『日曜討論』に出演し、「AIとどう向い合うか」について議論に参加します。 詳細はこちらをご覧ください。

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Book published: Understanding AI in Society: How Technology Exerts Power

Yuko Itatsu co-edited a book with Ai Hisano entitled Understanding AI in Society: How Technology Exerts Power from the University of Tokyo. This is a book in Japanese. Details can be found here. 東京大学B’AIグローバルフォーラム・板津木綿子・久野愛共編『AIから読み解く社会ー権力化する最新技術』が東京大学出版会より刊行されました。詳細はこちらです。

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