Latest edition of the student magazine “Komaba Times Issue 12: Emergence” has been published

The latest edition of “Komaba Times”, a student-oriented English magazine for and by University of Tokyo students has been published. The theme is “Emergence” and features contributions from students in various departments and campuses at the University.

Alyssa Castillo Yap worked on the issue as editor-in-chief and contributor. It also features creative work from Yasha Lai of our lab.

You can view the digital edition on Issuu:
Visit the official website for more articles and updates from the student publication:

東京大学の学生のための、学生による学生向け英文雑誌「Komaba Times」の最新号が発行されました。

Alyssa Castillo Yapが編集長としてこの号に携わりました。また、当研究室のYasha Laiのクリエイティブワークも掲載されています。


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