Xin Qing 青 馨 

Xin “Charlie” Qing
青 馨 

Undergraduate Student

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Japan in East Asia (JEA), Programs in English at Komaba, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Neuroscience (Sub-major), Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Linguistics (Sub-major), Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Languages: Mandarin Chinese, English, Japanese, German, French (elementary)

I am interested in gender and media studies, environmental anthropology, experimental ethnography, and neuroscience. I am also an illustrator and graphic designer. My current research project looks into Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery (FGCS) in urban Japan, with foci on voices and representation of different parties that weave the narratives surrounding FGCS collectively and how the narratives reflect the power dynamics between individual bodies and the macrostructures. My previous projects include a visual analysis of the gender dynamics in Chinese propaganda posters from the 1950s and a visual art project titled “Physical Geology, Alterlife and Postindustrial Embryos.”

教養学部 教養学科 国際日本研究コース
教養学部 学融プログラム 進化認知脳科学(サブメジャー)
教養学部 学際言語科学(サブメジャー)

言語:中国語 英語 日本語 ドイツ語 フランス語(初級)