Rongrong Zhuge 诸葛 蓉蓉

Rongrong Zhuge
诸葛 蓉蓉 

Graduate Student

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Information, Technology, and Society in Asia (ITASIA) Program, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies
Languages: Mandarin Chinese, English, Cantonese, Japanese (learning)

I am interested in cultural and political sociology, gender studies, and graphic design. My current research is about the entangled interactions and power dynamics between fan groups and the nation-state in Mainland China. Since the political and entertainment spheres are gradually permeating into each other, a special culture which I termed “politicized fandom” has arisen there. By exploring this phenomenon, I want to reflect on not only the relationship between popular culture and politics, but also the formation process of our own national identity.

学際情報学府・学際情報学専攻 アジア情報社会コース